November 26, 2022

Shah said the unified civil code is the BJP’s promise to the people of this country from the days of Jan Sangh

NEW DELHI: The BJP has pledged to introduce the Single Civil Code after completing all democratic debates and discussions, Union Home Minister Amit Shah said on Thursday.

When asked about the UCC, Shah said it was the BJP’s promise to the people of this country from the days of Jan Sangh.

“Not only the BJP, but also the Constituent Assembly had advised Parliament and States to introduce the UCC at an opportune time because for any secular country laws should not be based on religion. If nation and state are secular, how can laws do that? based on religion? For every believer there should be a law passed by Parliament or state legislatures,” Shah said during the Times Summit.

The Minister of the Interior claimed that this promise by the Constituent Assembly had been forgotten over time.

“Apart from the BJP, no other party endorses the Uniform Civil Code. In a democracy, healthy debate is a necessity. There is a need for an open and healthy debate on this issue,” he said.

The Home Office said that in three BJP-ruled states, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Gujarat, a panel chaired by retired Chief Justices of the Supreme Court and Supreme Court has been formed where people of different faiths express their views.

“We will act on the recommendations that come after this exercise. The BJP is committed to introducing UCC once all democratic discussions are complete,” he said.

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