December 4, 2022

Here’s why Iza Calzado and Ben Wintle won’t be throwing a ‘gender reveal’ for Baby

IZA CALZADO – This is why actress Iza Calzado and her husband Ben Wintle aren’t disclosing the gender of their baby.

On December 19, 2018, Iza Calzado and Ben Wintle tied the knot in Palawan. Now they are expecting their first child.

The Kapamilya star shared her inspirational story upon learning she is pregnant at the age of 40. She embraces this new phase of her life with enthusiasm, believing that God’s purposes always prevail over her own.

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Iza Calzado and Ben Wintle are incredibly grateful for this beautiful gift. Iza revealed in an interview that although the pregnancy was not expected, it was very much appreciated.

The actress said it was humbling for her to have this experience and for the first time she doesn’t have to starve herself because she has been feeding herself and her unborn child for the past three months while developing a human inside her.

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During a press conference for her viu show K-Love, Iza Calzado responded to an interviewer inquiring about the potential of a public celebration of gender reveal. She replied: “Sorry it’s sex disclosure. Gender is an expression and we cannot reveal it.”

The media then asked if she had any immediate plans to throw a sex reveal celebration for her child. She replied, “No, but I’ll share it eventually.”

In an exclusive interview with another publication, Iza revealed that she and her husband discovered their child’s gender “accidentally,” which “takes the point of a disclosure.”

“In today’s (politically correct) PC world, all I can say is that sex is a social and cultural construct. I would choose to emphasize the good health of a baby as that is my heartfelt desire and prayer for our child above all else,” Iza said.

Iza-Calzado-Ben-Wintle-1Photo credit: @missizacalzado IG

However, Iza Calzado made it clear that she fully understands how excited this idea can make other parents feel, which is why she appreciates and appreciates it too.

After all, she and the love of her life have made a personal decision together. “All of these decisions are our personal choice. Please do what you think is best for you and your child. By all means, make a reveal if coming together for this joyful moment makes your family and loved ones happy,” she said.

“However, don’t feel pressured just because everyone else around you is doing it. Your journey to parenthood is uniquely yours. celebrate it! Enjoy it,” she added.

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