December 4, 2022

Think about how to play with headphones or headphones and go to the main entertainment venues that go along with an event.

Sa ulat Lei Alviz in GMA News “24 Oras” nitong Huwebes, sinabi sa pagssusuring inilabas of BMJ Global Health Journal and as 20 bansa may 19,000 nakibahagi, tinatayang mahigit is an best kabataan nanganganib na makaranas ng hearing loss.

24% of atriums are known to have “unsafe listening practices” and 48% are exposed to “unsafe noise levels” in entertainment venues and nightclub concerts.

The college student who is Sam offers raw music without headphones.

Ayon kay Sam, umabot raw pakikinig niya ng hanggang apat na oras.

“I usually set it to max. When I’m learning kasi, I usually don’t want to hear other people when I’m studying. I just want to focus and be in the zone”, dagdag pa niya.

Stop listening to 105 decibels the highest volume from hearing aids with headphones or earphones.

Nasa 104 – 112 decibels for entertainment venues.

The highest decibels are higher than 80-85 decibels adjusted to the highest safe exposure level.

Walong oras naman the maximum time allowed or the times you have to achieve over the whole time.

If you have a decibel level, keep within the time limit and stick with it.

Batay pay pag-aaral, paulit-ulit and kahit iisang pagkakataon ng uncertain listeners can magdulot pagbabago o pinsala pagdinig na posibleng pansamantala o kaulana’y maging permanente.

Ayon of the World Health Organization (WHO), 50% of hearing loss is widespread.

Date that Kampanyang WHO calls “Make Listening Safe.”

As WHO’s Kampanya, iminungkahi na hanggat, you can hear the best and most limited things of Pakikinig on personal audio devices.

Consider noise-cancelling headphones and wear earplugs at many events.

Makabubuti rin umano na can conduct regular hearing screenings.

Panawagan din nasa like of pag-aaral ipinatupad of gobyerno the WHO policies to littas na pakikinig and limitahan the noise level at entertainment events.

Hinihikayat din the makers of gadgets like cellphones that include alerts to turn up the volume and turn on child locks to limit battery exposure.

Everyone from the WHO has made 1.5 billion people around the world with hearing loss and 430 million people worldwide hard of hearing. — Mel Matthew Doctor/FRJ, GMA Integrated News